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hello we are 2 trans people who wrote a kind of mean review of 'kiss my genders', a show at the Hayward Gallery with a cis curation team and a weird wall text, and put it on insta and unfortunately since then we have continued to have opinions!! and some people like them?? we've slowed down a bit now, have written some longer pieces like gender capitalism and unionise all shills, and have tried making videos and chats and funny skits, but we also sometimes write silly stuff about bits of culture we do or don't like. We're trying to avoid the hot take generation machine, mainly because we don't want to be journalists but also because we don't want to add unnecessary noise and aggro over surface level problems like whichever is the right spelling of 'women' this week or which brand or celeb has been transphobic and then either donated to mermaids or doubled down. Our main focus is now on the discord we set up and the weekly zoom hang outs (currently run by other wonderful trans people while we have a mento iwness break) and on distributing HRT advice and needs. If you're trans you can join the online spaces by emailing us at 

If you'd like to support what we do: the self medding stuff, the social spaces, the writing, shit posting etc. you can sub to our patreon or just send us a lil sumthin on paypal (same email as above). We occasionally post patreon only stuff but try to keep most things public, so your support would be to help us have time to write and create more if you like what we do :)

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